Contribution Welcomed

The asvin project was started by a few but has been developed and maintained by many. At asvin, we are a big supporter of open source projects and have also kept the whole asvin platform open for the community. We welcome your contribution to the project. Let’s all build the asvin platform together for all.

We follow the Asvin Code of Conduct to keep the playing field equal and fair for all to work together. We request you to review it before you report a bug or make pull requests. The aim of it to maintain decorum.

The source files of the asvin platform are stored on the GitHub repositories. Follow the GitHub Contribution Guidelines to start contributing in the project.

Types of Contribution

As a user:

  • Feature proposal

  • Enhancement proposal

  • Bug reporting

  • Testing

As a Developer

  • Fixing open issues

  • Make feature/enhancement proposal and implement them

  • Improve documentation


The Asvin project is driven by a dynamic team. All the development activities, such as reviewing and merging pull requests, new feature proposals, and road map release, are headed by the core maintainers.